Mina O’Riely at Logan Airport's TSA case study solution

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Mina O'Reilly, an officer at Logan Airport's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in Boston, must discipline an employee responsible for a security breach that resulted in a 45-minute terminal closure during peak hours, a potential threat to traveler safety, and travel delays across the U.S. O'Reilly considers the impact of her decision on a shifting labor force: the growing divide between those employees deeply committed to the mission and those joining to simply find a job. The senior TSA staff and airlines are calling for accountability, but the person responsible for the breach is a passionate and valued employee who has been with TSA since its formation. As her shift approaches, O'Reilly must decide whether or not she can clock in as usual.

We have divided our solution into three parts:

In part 1, we talk about why Mina O’Riely should not let this incident pass without any action.

In part 2, we discuss why Sanchez should not be terminated and in part 3, we offer our solution.

Part 3 has two sub-parts. Part a) has micro-level solution while part b) has macro-level recommendations.

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